Welcome to the world my cameras and I see and capture. I hope you’ll enjoy journeying with me and sharing my vision. 

When I was in Art School, I studied design. I considered the world in terms of form, texture, and composition through a curriculum that was entirely in black and white for the first year.  In addition to teaching me to make art that was pure and crisply defined, with no color to distract, it taught me to actually SEE in black and white, a trait that has been an ongoing gift to me as a photographer.  Later, I studied film, which I credit with creating the cinematic quality that weaves itself through the majority of my work.  Life is a narrative, and I find that powerful images often seem to be the illustrations for works of fiction.  Even though I am present at the moment I press the shutter, when I look at my images later, during editing, they often suggest stories to me that are not necessarily even related to the action being shot. The camera does not necessarily tell the truth, but it does tell stories.

Every photo is almost a fiction or a dream. If it’s really good, it’s another form of life.

Sylvia Plachy